Ask a Librarian

How do I print from a laptop?

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From the library's home page, click the link for "I want to... Check my print account balance." Log in with your SUNY Cobleskill username and password. Click the “Print” icon at the top of the page, then upload your file to print. Click “Next” at the bottom of the page, then select your printer from the drop down list of options. The printer on the library's main floor is LIB100q1 and the printer on the top floor is LIB200q1.

How do I log on to library computers and databases?

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SUNY Cobleskill faculty, staff, and students should use the first part of their Cobleskill email (before the @) as the username and their regular password as the password. Guest users should ask at the library’s main desk for login information.

How do I use the scanner? (Scannx)

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Touch the screen to start. Select where to save the files, or email and touch "Next." Select scan color options, output quality, file type, and touch "Next." Align your pages on the scanner glass; for better scans, close the lid. Touch the green Scan button; the scanner may take a few moments to calibrate for the first page. You can crop or rotate once the page scans. If you need to scan more pages, align the next page on the glass, and touch Scan again. When you're finished scanning, touch "Next" to save or email your file.

Who do I contact about a problem with the candy or soda vending machine?

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Contact CAS by phone at 255-5233 or by email at

Where can I get help citing sources?

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The “Cite Your Sources” Library Guide provides information about creating a Works Cited or References page using the MLA or APA styles. It also features links to information about other citation styles, including Chicago, Turabian, CSE, APSA, and the Journal of Wildlife Management guidelines.

How do I reset my password for campus computers and email?

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If your current password isn't working and you know your Banner ID and PIN, you can use the password reset page.

If you need to change your password because it's expiring, you can use the password reset page, or, if you're logged into a PC on campus, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select "Change a password" from the list of options.

How do I check my print balance?

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Go to Print Manager Plus and log in with your SUNY Cobleskill username and password. Click the “Balances” icon at the top of the page. Note: there’s also a “check my print account balance” link on the library’s homepage.

How do I log in to the wireless if I'm not a Cobleskill student/staff/faculty member?

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Select the LibraryGuest or CobyGuest wireless network. Both are accessible in the library and neither of them requires a password or SUNY Cobleskill credentials.

Does the library have Macs?

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The library has six iMacs. All are located on the main floor of the library: two in the back near the periodicals, four by the windows looking toward Wheeler Hall.

How do I access materials from the archives or special collections?

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Ask at the library's main desk for assistance locating and retrieving materials.

Where can I find a quiet place to study in the library?

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The second floor of the library is meant for quiet study; tables, chairs, couches, and study carrels around the perimeter of the second floor. Three small group study rooms are also available on the second floor; keys for these rooms can be checked out at the library’s main desk.

How do I schedule library instruction for my class?

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Faculty interested in incorporating information literacy instruction into a class can contact Instructional Design Librarian Don LaPlant by email.  The Library Instruction guide provides more information about instruction options.

How do I renew materials I’ve checked out?

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In most cases, books and A/V materials from the SUNY Cobleskill collection can be renewed online by signing into your library account or by calling the circulation desk at 518-255-5864. (Exceptions may apply if the item is already overdue, if there's a hold on the item, or if the renewal limit has been reached.)

Renewal of materials received through Interlibrary Loan is at the discretion of the library who owns the borrowed material. Log in to your library account, then click "My Loans" in the dropdown menu under your name in the top right corner of the page to see if renewal is allowed. If you need help or have questions, please contact Katherine Brent (, our ILL coordinator.

How can I get a book or article or DVD we don't have at SUNY Cobleskill?

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The Van Wagenen Library offers an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to all SUNY Cobleskill faculty, staff and currently registered students in good standing. This free service allows our patrons to access materials available at other libraries from across the country or around the world.

If you're not finding what you need in a search of our library holdings, try adjusting the search dropdown menu to "Other Libraries" rather than "MultiSearch." This will show you results available through Interlibrary Loan from other libraries.

For more information about the service, see our Interlibrary Loan guide. This page features separate tutorials for how to request books and how to request articles.

How can I check my library account?

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Click the "I want to... check my account/log in" link on the library's main page to access your account. Once logged in with your regular SUNY Cobleskill user ID and password, you can see what you currently have checked out, find out when items are due, and often, renew items online.

How do I pay my overdue fines?

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Fines can be paid at the library with cash, check, or credit card only. Ask to speak to the Circulation Manager or Supervisor on duty.

Fines can be paid at Student Accounts using other means including a credit/debit card.

For more information, see our Fines & Fees Policy page.

How do I print multiple slides of a PowerPoint slideshow on one page?

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To print multiple PowerPoint slides on a single page, click on "Full page slides" in the print interface. If the PowerPoint has been saved as a PDF, go to the print dialog window, choose "Page Sizing & Handling," then click on the "Multiple" button to change the number of pages per sheet.

What kinds of equipment can I borrow from the library?

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You can borrow cameras, video production equipment, laptops, Kindles, calculators, headphones, easels, and many other items. For more information, see our “Equipment Available” guide.

How do I place an item on course reserve?

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Faculty can use this online form to request that items be placed on reserve in the library.

How do I log in to Banner?

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Your “User ID” is your 800# and PIN is your Banner PIN (not the password you use to log into Moodle or computers on campus). If you've forgotten your Banner PIN, please contact the Registrar.